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Dojo Etiquette

In the dojo (school) or at Karate related events your Head Instructor, Manuel deSa, should be called or referred to as “Sensei” or “Desa Sensei”.  All visiting senior Black Belts will also be addressed in the same manner.


  • All senior students (Black Belts) should be called or referred to as “Sempai” or “name (Smith) Sempai”.

  • When entering the dojo for the first time on any given day, students must bow followed by two claps.
    The same format is to be followed when leaving the dojo after the class is done.

  • Thoughtless and careless actions have no place in or out of the dojo.

  • Always keep your body and gi clean.

  • All jewelry must be removed for training. 

  • Hair longer than collar length must be tied back.

  • Help to maintain a clean dojo at all times.

  • You are required to learn and practice the student creed as outlined below.

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