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Ranking System & Testing Protocol

The levels below Black Belt are referred to as Kyu ranks and students at this school progress in the following manner:

ranking system

All testing is by invitation from an instructor. Formal tests are held 5-7 times throughout the year. Students will be informed in advance as to whether or not they have been invited to the formal test. The decision to test a student is based upon such factors as technical skill, attitude and character, class attendance, length of study and age. Students green belt and above who are invited to test but are unable to attend the formal test, will be invited to the next test, provided they have maintained an adequate level of training.


Kyu ranks are followed by ten “Dan ranks (degrees of Black Belt).   The minimum age for promotion to Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) with recognition and certification from Okinawa is 15.  At Desa School of Karate students under the age of 15 may be promoted to the rank of Junior Shodan, Junior Nidan, etc (1st, 2nd degree black belt).  To be tested for Junior Shodan, a student must have a minimum of three years training


Black Belt tests are held twice a year.  All students who are eligible will be notified well in advance.  These students will then be expected to maintain their training and attend all qualifying classes.  Closer to the actual test date, Sensei deSa will invite those students who have achieved the level of training necessary for their next level to participate in the Black Belt test.

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